Erick's adventures in a magical world, in the Land of Light

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Chapter One

Not so far away, there is a place where eternal light reigns side by side with peace and tranquillity, and where time doesn’t exist.

Erick himself did not remember this place, but he had a visitor on a winter evening. Thus, the series of his adventures began.

It was a beautiful evening. Out there snow was falling in mighty flakes. In the house Christmas lights were glowing, and the scent of festive potcake lingered in the room.

Erick was lying in his bed with a fever. He wrapped himself tightly with his blanket so he wouldn’t be cold. As he was watching the dance of the lights and showflakes, he dropped off to sleep.

He awoke to a strange feeling. It was as if he was weightless, as if he had no body.

Darkness enveloped him, but it was not a scary kind of darkness. There was something soothing, something warm in this darkness. Erick knew he was in a good place, in the best place possible.

Then he noticed a small point of light as it was approaching. It was a tiny creature.

At first, he thought it was a fairy or an angel, but the creature corrected him, even though Erick did not speak, he was only looking at it. “I indeed resemble them, especially because you imagine me like that. I am a child of Light, same as you,” and as he spoke, he was emanating comforting, warming kindness.

„But I am not like you, just look at me,” thought Erick. Yet, as he glanced at himself, he was astonished as he could have easily been the exact reflection of the child of Light.

„You too are our brother, only you had forgotten. We have used your illness to call you to us, so we could remind you who you are.”

„Where am I, what is this place, what is your name?” asked Erick excitedly.

„You can call me Ray. I’ll show you everything. For now, the most important thing is that you know how to come back here, when your fever is gone.”

Erick was listening to each thought as the place was already feeling wonderful.

„You can return anytime you want. Until you’re in practice, it’s best if you find a quiet place where no one disturbs you. It can be your bed, your reading nook, your favourite bench, or the beach. Make yourself comfortable, and take three deep breaths. Pay attention to how your chest and belly is moving with each breath. Slowly close your eyes, listen to the sounds around you. Feel all the scents and smells in the air. At that point the Sun will sprinkle golden dust at you. If it’s the night, then the Moon and Stars will sprinkle silver dust upon your whole body. Wherever the dust touches you, your muscles relax and you grow quiet. The dust settles on the top of your head, your neck, it lands on your shoulders, your belly, your waist. It envelopes your thighs, your ankles and feet. Where the dust touches you, your muscles relax and you relax too. Next, feel where you touch the ground. Connect with it as if you and the earth were attracting each other like magnets, or be like a tree connecting to the earth by growing roots.

Then, in your thoughts go to the top of your head, look up and see the ray of light as it connects to you and wait patiently. Breathe slowly, evenly, and just wait patiently ... Soon you’ll arrive.”

„All right, thank you. Will you be here?” asked Erick.

„Yes, I’ll be waiting for you and I’ll show you everything. Now go and get well.”

Erick couldn’t answer because Ray was gone. He was only feeling something warm around his heart as he started to stir under his blanket.

The snowfall was giving over. His mother entered with a thermometer and a mug of hot tea.


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Chapter Two

The next day was Christmas day. Eric knew when he opened his eyes as he was looking forward to this day. He jumped out of his bed, there was no trace of the fever, he ran happily to the Christmas tree, which stood there in all its splendor in the middle of the room, with the presents below, a gift for everyone. Her mom quickly put her hand on his forehead to see if the fever went up. To her surprise, Eric's forehead was cool. That's when Erick remembered Ray. He felt infinite gratitude for being healed so he could be here and play all day under the Christmas tree. He wanted to share the joy with his friend and say thanks to him. It turned out that he was left alone in the room for a while. Silence, calmness swung the space, and then Eric thought of Ray and what he had taught him. He sat down in front of the Christmas tree, looking at the beautiful bright candles, took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes. He could smell the wonderful scent of pine mixed with the smoke from the candles. He imagined that he was the Christmas tree himself, on which the angels were pouring wonderful golden dust. Connected to the ground by its roots, its wonderful peak was reaching for the stars. His breathing slowed down and his whole body relaxed. The outside world has disappeared and so has he. He waited and suddenly he was right there, he succeeded, Ray was there and he could already hear Ray's words inside. "Welcome, I'm glad you came back." "Ray, I had a wonderful morning, I was really healed, I'm grateful for it, thank you" "I am happy that you have succeeded and I am glad that you've learned gratitude. As human beings, many forget about it and so their earthly existence becomes emptier and less happy." Then it was as if many tiny mirrors had appeared before him. Each showed Eric, but at a different time, in a different situation. One thing they had in common was that they celebrated Christmas. He saw himself as a baby sleeping in Mom’s arms next to the decorated Christmas tree. He was there as a little toddler while he hid under the tree happily and played with his Dad while his Mom was rocking her little sister, Emily. There was also a picture where he was just helping his brothers getting the toys out from under the tree. As Emily and he was unpacking the gifts, his naughty brother David was crawling happily in and out under the tree. He was 4 years old at the time. Happiness, purity, joy radiated from these images. In the next mirror, Erick was angry, even though it was happening at Christmas and there were the opened gifts under the tree. His brothers happily played with the small car and the bunny, while Eric pouted. He considered his gift too small and insignificant. "I am a big boy already, why am I getting just a small remote-controlled car?" Part of the picture was still bright and full of warmth, but there was shadow and some coldness in it. Eric remembered this Christmas, it did not belong to his happy memories. But at that moment, he realized what did actually happen then. That Christmas was also a wonderful, beautiful Christmas. The family was together, the tree was shining, they could play with each other, they were delicious pastry and they also received gifts. Mom and Dad tried to cheer him up, but he was stubbornly sullen. Now he could see, how his dissatisfaction, that he was not grateful not only for the gift, but for the beautiful holiday, for his family, for the toy car, was making himself unhappy. With these angry, sad feelings in his heart, he was unable to notice the great, wonderful things that surrounded him. He looked quickly at the next picture, where he was older than his current age, but the picture was blurred, not clear. “What you haven’t decided yet, you can’t see because it’s changing, as are you,” Ray replied to his thoughtful question. "Thank you Ray, I'm grateful you showed me how important it is to appreciate and thanks for the little things too," Eric said and couldn't continue because a loud ring interrupted the calm afternoon. Emily and David ran happily to open the door while he was waking up. Then he heard Grandpa and Grandma's voice and he ran to meet them too.


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Chapter Three

The holidays were slowly rolling by. Christmas, then the New Year. Erick loved holidays, same as weekends because the family could be together during such times. Nobody was rushing to work or to school in the mornings, there was time to snuggle together and tell stories, or read in bed upon awakening, then play a lot, run around, climb trees in the woods, romp about at the waterfront during the day. They could stay up late at night, their Mum reading more tales that they listened to while cuddling and tucked up in bed together. David was usually the first to fall asleep. In one moment he was still chattering and playing, then suddenly he grew quiet. Emily, on the other hand, was listening silently to the evening tales, while hugging Fanny, her bunny, and falling asleep this way.

Erick knew that the next day school was awaiting the children and work the parents. On top of this, Mum was going away for 3 days for the first time, so she was not going to welcome them home after school, read bedtime stories while snuggling together, and  wake them up in the morning with caresses. 

All this made Erick concerned, sad, and he felt scared. He didn’t want to go to sleep so the morning would not arrive. As he was laying in bed, huddling up againt his Mother, he was looking at the bright, shining Full Moon. His eyelids grew heavy, and he slowly dozed off. However, instead of the realm of dreams, he found himself in the Land of Light. He was even a little surprised as he wasn’t thinking about Ray before. Yet, there he was – welcoming him smilingly and knowing his thoughts.

-Hi Erick! You’ve been brought here by your soul.

-Hi Ray! It’s so nice to be here.

As he looked around, he observed infinite golden strands, connected to one another, and he even discovered some kind of a similar, repeating pattern within them. It was beautiful as the bright strands were sparkling, interconnected, and in a never ending way.

-Ray, where are we? What is this bright mesh?

-This is an infinite, perpetually interconnected field of energy that connects everything and everyone with everything and everyone else. Now, take a closer look.


In that moment the lattice started to gleam up around them too. Vertical and horizontal rays of light encompassed Erick like a kind of skin. These were thicker and thinner kind of rays, and there were some brighter points of light too. Ray offered some explanation.

-Some of the rays connect at the brighter points. The main ray is in the middle, at your spine, with the major connection points on it.

Look at the infinite lattice!

Erick raised his eyes and in a cocoon-like lattice next to him he recognised his Mum, then he noticed that everyone else from the family is there too, even his friends. Even more interestingly, they were all interconnected, without exception, with thousands and thousands of subtle, fine filaments.

-Do you see the lattice of light as it links all? There is no tear, it connects everywhere, with everything and everyone. – Continued Ray with his explanation.

-This is so wonderful and beautiful! Why are you showing me this? - asked Erick.

-Your Mum is leaving tomorrow and even though she will not be with you physically, through the lattice you are always connected. You won’t lose her, she’s is always there with you.

-But I am not seeing and feeling this at home, - replied Erick, sadly.

-Just remind yourself of what you have just seen, or look into the mirror. Your Mother’s eyes and smile look back at you. She lives in you, same as your Dad, your grandparents and all your ancestors. They are always with you, remember that.

These last words were coming already from afar, causing Erick to hear them only  faintly.

He was seeing the bright Moon once again as it overshone the night, creating magical radiance in the children’s room as well.

He closed his eyes happily, there was no sign of the sadnes and fear from before. He knew that the lattice of light is there, connecting all.©2020

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Chapter Four

January passed slowly. Erick loved the winter, the snowy scenery, the cold wind, but somehow he was still reluctant and often felt tired even though he always went to bed on time and slept for up to 10 hours. They also took vitamins to avoid the common cold or at least their immune system could easily beat the bucks. Even Mom had begun to worry about her inherited fatigue and displeasure.

Erick thought Ray must be able to help. So one afternoon he set down to the reading corner. He leaned comfortably over the giant plush teddy bear, looked around the room slowly, examined it with meticulous eyes, took a few deep breaths, and then closed his eyes. He could feel his pants clinging to the rug, his legs and hands relaxing. He could hear the noises coming out of the rooms, which swayed and seemed more and more distant. Slowly tiny highlights appeared in front of him. The picture reminded Erick of the starry night. One of the bright dots began to approach and slowly the shape of Ray emerged.

-Welcome! -  Ray greeted

Erick greeted him happily back, and there were questions in his mind about why he came here.

Ray heard his questions. He took Erick by the hand and led him to a huge, endless-looking mirror of water.

Erick admired the endless ocean, the rays of light were dancing and playing on the water. When he looked into it, not his usual reflection looked back at him. The image was more reminiscent of the shiny net area that he saw, before his Mum flight. The difference was that now only the middle, thick ray of gold was visible and 7 small vortices along it looked like water flowing down the drain into the tub. Each rotated in a clockwise direction in the same direction, and it seemed as if they were absorbing the light dancing on the water.

- What are these little vortices? Erick asked

- These are your channels of energy, we could even call them batteries, people often call them chakras, but it is not the name that matters. More importantly, through these you get your energy from the ocean of infinite and inexhaustible light.

Energy can reach you when these little vortices are working, moving. Sometimes they slow down, their movement stalls, stops, or even moves in the opposite direction. This is when you can feel that whatever you are doing is tired, grumpy, you can feel nothing is succeeding, you are not really happy about anything, you are not noticing the bright Sun, the wonderful sky, the bright stars. You can’t feel the caress of the breeze on your face, you can’t hear the singing of the birds, the music of the foliage of the trees, the silence of the forest, the music of the stream. You don’t feel the infinite love flowing towards you because you can’t get in, absorbed, because the vortex you get through it doesn’t work. It's like the engine in the car, if you don't get petrol there because the pistons don't work, because there is not enough oil, the car is harder to start, it goes slower, and then you have to take it to a mechanic at the end.

Care must be taken to ensure that the oil rotates at a speed such that these small vortices can absorb continuous and infinite energy.

"But I don't even see these vortices so I can oil them?" Erick asked in amazement, "we take vitamins and eat food, drink clear watwr, and sleep." They charge us.

- Yes they are all very important, the body needs food, fluids, vitamins. You also need to make sure that what you eat, drink is healthy, really nourishes your body. Your parents also often say eat fruit and vegetables. Do not eat sugar, chocolate, chipsets. Do not drink soft drinks. There is no better and tastier drink than clear water.

I think you forgot something else that relaxes, uploads.

Erick thought, but nothing came to mind. Ray continued:

- Remember how you felt after your weekend biking? Or after a long walk with your grandparents? And the forest trip?

"Yes, really, but I'm not in the mood for them now," Erick replied sadly.

- You need them, the movement and the longer you don't do it, the less you will like it. Call this a vicious circle.

A long time ago, we presented you with a writing in which we showed 5 short exercises that anyone, anytime, anywhere can do. Best in the morning, as well as brushing your teeth. You also always do it as part of your morning routine. These 5 exercises also fit into the morning and so the vortices can work better and everything becomes simpler and easier this way.

- Is there still writing? Will you show it?

- Known as 5 Tibetan, used by many people. Come on, I'll show you and you can try.

Rotate 1. in a clockwise direction. For starters, 3 laps are enough as you practice more you can always spin a little more, but with 21 don't spin more.

When you stop, you may feel dizzy, put your two palms together in front of your chest, look at your hand. This stops dizziness.

2. Lie on your back, lift your legs straight, closed at right angles. Do as much of this as you do of the circle.

3. Kneel, lower your head and then slowly lift it up and lean back with your upper body as far as you can.

4. Lie on your back, palms, feet on the floor and push yourself up to a horizontal position, tilt your head back. It's like being a small table.

5. Your hands, feet on the ground, begin to approach your ankles with your hands, keep your knees straight and keep your feet on the ground, form the letter A. Then lie back again on your belly.Holding your hips on the ground, press up on your upper body with your arm like a cobra attacking.

- They're really simple and fun. I'll show Emily and David too, we'll play well. Erick said cheerfully and said goodbye to Ray.

As he awoke, he heard Mom's voice. It was dinner time. The family sat down at the dinning table. Erick ate plenty of vegetables and, contrary to his custom, did not ask if he could eat sugar after dinner.

The next day was Sunday. Remembering Ray's words, Erick start the practice after getting dressed. As she spun in the middle of the room, Emily came in and she started spinning too, and then David snuck in as the table was "made." David used it as a tunnel and hid under them. By then they were laughing. Their dad looked into the room. He saw all three of them standing in interesting poses and laughing.

- What were you doing? - asked

- We're just oiling our pistons - Erick replied with a smile

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Chapter Five

It was the last month of winter, the snow has thawed, and only the cold winds and darkness served as reminders of February. Erick liked the long-drawn darkness as he was able to observe the starry sky longer. He heard from someone that our Destiny is written in the stars, and from another that we ourselves are shaping our Destiny. Another thing that often crossed his mind was whether the stars contained the fact that he was afraid of flying. Nobody feared flying in the family, they have been doing it since they were babies, twice a year even.

Still, Erick has had a bad feeling whenever he had to fly – even though always excited and enthusiastic before each and every journey –, and the thought of a camper van kept stirring in his mind on such occassions. On a plane he always wanted to sit next to his Mum, feeling safe that way.

Suitcases were being packed excitedly as they were going skiing the next day. His younger siblings were filling their bags with toys, and they were playing together as if flying on a plane. Erick kept out of this and preferred to read in his bed. It started getting dark. He thought about whether the sky was going to be clear that night. Would the bright Moon shine its light into the room? Then he remembered the flight and his own fear. Ray would surely know the answer or at least what could be done to not be afraid. As he thought of this, he closed his eyes and took some deep breaths. He was feeling the mattress of the bed under his back and the softness of the pillow under his head. His legs and arms slowly relaxed, his breathing slowed down. Still, Ray was nowhere to be seen. He did see a rusty chain though, and he found himself at the shore of the ocean of light where there was a boat floating on the water. Erick felt he should get in the boat. He was wading in the shallow water, feeling the pleasant caress of the lukewarm water on his skin. He sat down comfortably in the boat, and he felt it to be cradled by the waves. Above him, the bright sky, with the Sun’s golden disk, and sailing birds. Below him, the wonderful, mysteriously blue ocean, with its waves being engilded by the Sun. An island came into view in the distance. It had sandy beaches, green forests, hills, and snowcapped mountains. The boat reached the shore. Erick got out, he was walking barefoot in the soft, flowing, golden sand. He set out towards the forest. A small stream was trickling down among huge, dense trunked trees. There were birds singing on the branches. A bunny and a doe jumped out from among the trees. The small forest path led to a flowery meadow. The faint breeze, carrying sea scent, was swaying colourful flowers among the tall grass. As Erick’s hand touched the grass, he felt it brushing against his fingers. Up above two birds were floating on the wings of the wind, effortlessly and as if carrying no weight. The path started to rise, the meadow giving way to smaller shrubs. He was walking on an ever higher ground. He saw below him the green forest opening out, the flowery meadow, the endless ocean of light. He was now standing on top of the mountain, on the snow-clad mountaintop. He looked around and only then did he notice that the mountain was, in fact, a volcano, with peacefully bubbling red lava deep in its belly. As he was standing there, he suddenly remembered the approaching flight, and he felt a pang in his belly. He made a grab at it reflexively. At that moment he heard Ray’s voice, „Grab the pain and tear it out with a strong move and cast it into the fire!” Tensing his muscles, Erick tore the pain out with both his hands and threw it into the crater of the volcano, where it was swallowed by the hot lava. It was sinking amidst lapping gas-jets, then dissolved into ash. Some sputtering soot shooted up to the sky, then at last, even the last tiny spark vanished like a little star. He was feeling emptiness where the pain had been before, yet this was a comfortable, soothing emptiness. Then some tingle and warmth settled in that place. Erick then started down the mountain freely and happily, across the flowery meadow. He found a bright golden altar there, surrounded by angels. On the altar he noticed exactly what he longed for, what he wanted. The happy, carefree flight. He took it, thanked for it and continued through the forest towards the sandy shore. He waded into the lustrous ocean, got into the boat and the waves were already carrying him away. He watched the island receding, he watched the golden Sun disc, the blue sky, the veil clouds. He felt the crystal clear water caressing his fingers. The island finally disappeared and the boat came to a stop. Erick arrived at the shore. He was looking for Ray, but yet again, he wasn’t there. The infinite ocean slowly faded out. He felt the softness of his bed, he started to move his feet and hands again, he was opening his eyes. In that moment he could still see one last image. Then the rusty chain too vanished, dissolving into thin air.

The next day they all woke up early. The tram took them all the way to the airport. Erick’s fear has been replaced with a tranquillity that was blissful and inexplicable. When they took their seats on the plane, he jumped straight to the one next to the window, and he didn’t mind that it was his siblings that were sitting with him, and his Mum further away in one of the other three seats.

It turned out to be a wonderful flight.

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Chapter Six

Spring has been slowly taking over. Thawing icicles on the eaves were playing a symphony. Twittering of birds could be heard throughout the still shivery land. Snow patches were showing themselves here and there on the streets. The more daring crocuses and snowdrops were pushing through in the garden. A few more days and we will turn the calendar to March, the thought ran across Erick’s mind. He loved spring; he and his grandpa spent a lot of time outside in the garden. They planted seeds, bulbs, then cared for them, watered them, waited for them to quietly grow into beautiful flowers. It was a miracle for Erick and his siblings, to see what can grow out of a tiny, almost invisible seed thanks to the Sun’s, the rain’s, the Earth’s, and their very own care. Grandpa was always telling stories during gardening time. Stories about flowers, birds, trees, the Sun, rivers, bees. Those were wonderful days.


His thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. He picked it up. It was grandma, her voice was really soft and breaking up. She asked for Mum right away, who

then was listening to the phone in silence. Her face turned sad, there were teardrops running down on her cheeks. When she hang up, Erick looked questioningly at her.

-Grandpa became ill, he was taken to hospital. - Mum answered Erick’s questioning look.

-But he will get better, won’t he? - asked Erick. 

-Let’s trust, we are going to visit him tomorrow, okay? - replied Mum.

The afternoon went by quietly, sadness lingered in the house. When getting into bed, Mum read a bedtime story like always, but the playful laughter fell away.

As Erick was tucking up, he was thinking about grandpa, and that he may not recover. Perhaps he will die? We won’t be gardening anymore? At this thought tears rolled down on his face. In the next moment Ray was standing next to him, and endless darkness surrounded the two of them.

-Ray! How nice that you are here. My grandpa was taken to hospital, he may not live. - said Erick. - Surely you can help?

-Welcome Erick! I can help, although not the way you would like me to. The cycle of life encircles us everywhere. With life there comes passing, in passing there is life. - replied Ray.

Erick was looking at him confused, he thought this was not a reply to his question. In the meantime, there was a screen that landed in front of them, like it is used for screening movies. The rising Sun appeared on it, in such a way that is usually seen from the window of his room. Then it slowly started to move across the sky, same as seen by him every day. Ray continued:

-Take a look at the Sun, it rises every day, it is born, goes forth to reach its highest peak in the sky, there it shines the strongest, there it heats the warmest. Then it starts declining, its radiance, heat, light ever decreasing, finally disappearing, becoming invisible to you. Yet at the same moment, it rises on the other side of the world, there it goes along its path, then disappears and rises again in your part of the world.

-I know this, Ray, we were taught why we can’t see the Sun, it’s because of the gyration of the Earth. This is not like death.

Ray remained silent, and the Moon appeared now on the screen.

-Take a look at the Moon, it grows into a huge disk of light out of nothing, it overshines the night, then starts decreasing, hides for a little while, then lights up again on the sky as a thin crescent.

Erick would have wanted to reply, but Ray asked him to be patient. The next slide arrived right away. Thawing snow, dripping icicles, budding trees, singing birds, the awakening nature. It continued with summer foliage, small animal cubs, hatchlings

trying out their wings, fruit growing on trees. Then the foliage of the trees got more colour, the fruit ripened, the animals burrowed into their dens, the birds grew quieter, the trees bared, snow started to feather down, first tiny specks of pearl, later beautiful giant snowflakes were carried by the bleak winds, and darkness enveloped the land. At last the snow started to thaw, dripping icicles made music and spring was around the corner.

-Ray, this is the changing of the seasons, we also learned this in geography. - said Erick desperately.

-Just pay attention - replied Ray with a patient, soothing voice.

There was a series of new slides now, a wee sphere was growing, slowly resembling an embryo. It was smiling, kicking, sucking on its thumb. It was in a cocoon and water. When there was no more space in the cocoon, it started out in a tunnel, resembling a pipe chute. On the next slide they were seeing a happily sleeping baby, cuddled by its Mother.

The movie speeded up, Erick saw as the baby grew, crawled, started walking and running, got bigger, went to school, played football, read books, then moved away, worked, celebrated birthdays, his hair turned into grey, couldn’t run anymore, walked with a stick, then peacefully rested in a rocking chair and slowly faded away.

-Ray, I knew this much - remarked Erick. - Please help, so that Grandpa would not transition and leave me here.

-Erick, death is part of the cycle, same as the Sun setting, the Moon waning, same as nature quiescing, a human, or a soul does the same. Look at yourself! You are here, but your body isn’t, your body cannot come here. People are more than their bodies. The body is the home of the soul, it is its earthly clothes. At death the soul takes off its used clothes only, it says goodbye only to Earthly existence, like the Sun saying goodbye so it can be born again and rise on the other side to continue on its path. At death, the soul reaches its final stop on Earth and departs to the other world so it can also walk its path, until it lights up again on Earth. Like this Earth, the other world is also wonderful, since there too, the Light, the Creative God is present.

It is possible that you won’t be able to do gardening together with your grandpa in spring. However, your grandpa will live there, in your memories. He is carried within your blood, in your DNA, in every tiny bit of you, and he is remembered by you. And it’s not only your grandpa, but also your great grandparents and their parents too. Their destiny, strength, blessing is present in your life. Through them you could be born, their power and knowledge nurture and accompany you. They are always with you, within you, you just have to let them support you, charge you, same as the Sun also charges the flowers’ buds, the trees’ sprouts so they grow and flourish.

Erick was looking at Ray a little hesitantly and confused. He could see the story, the cyclical nature, he understood and was reassured by the thought that death does not mean consummation. On the other hand, he couldn’t find the answer as to why all this was happening.

Ray saw this, he knew this.

-Erick, dear, it’s good that you’re looking for the whys, they can take you forward, you can gain more knowledge through them. Sometimes you get an answer right away, and sometimes you just have to wait patiently and accept what is given to you in the present. I have shown you a lot today, now go and have some rest. I can give you this much at this point.

He entwined Erick gently, then he departed as an ever-shrinking point of light in the infinite darkness.

Erick did not awake; he was visited by dreams. Happy dreams. He was gardening, planting seeds, watering with his grandpa and his siblings in the garden that was glowing in the spring Sunshine.

Curvy Tree Road


Chapter Seven

It was a late spring evening, Erick was lying in his bed. He watched the almost full moon as the stars shone through the sky and flooded the child's room with light. The soft spring breeze brought in the magical scent of blooming flowers through the open window, and this swept the entire room. Erick's thoughts revolved around the evening tale. It was about a child who got lost, forgot the way home, and wandered around the big world while his loving parents waited at home. He found a talisman on his way. The talisman was not large, it was not ostentatiously glittering, ornate. It was beautiful for the boy. He carefully put it in his pocket and they went on the road together. The days passed easily, he found his way home. As the road progressed, it became wider and brighter. Adventures, people, experiences accompanied. At the end of the tale, he happily entered the gates of his home. Erick, meanwhile, fell asleep, surrounded by twinkle stars and the bright Full Moon. It seemed as if a star, or rather stars, were approaching from the milky way like a bright vortex. As Erick approached this magical glow, a figure similar to Ray appeared. He didn't talk. He smiled peacefully and slowly held out his hand to Erick, then, opening his palm, and messaged to the amazed little boy, with only thought. - Here is your Talisman. He is the gift of the Moon, the child of the Moon. It will drive you, help on your way. It hides light, love and seeds of dandelions. At full Moon, put it in a vessel full of water in your garden to let it be filled with the light of its Creator, from which it draws strength, which it will scatter in your world. With that, the star as it came left.
Erick woke up to the caressing rays of the sun in the morning. He stretched one and touched something small on his pillow. Turning there, there was a smaller shell-sized, slightly translucent, slightly shimmering object. He lifted it. As the Sunlight illuminated the translucent object, he saw the dance of light and tiny dandelion seeds inside. That's when he remembered. He remembered his dream. He hugged his Talisman tightly to his heart and flooded his whole being with love and gratitude. He also remembered what he had heard from his Dad during their walk on one day: „ Dandelion is symbol of freedom, and the wind of Divinity blows it where would like to see to grow.."The next day, he let clear water into a small pot, carefully put the talisman in it, and set it out on the small garden table to bathe there in the wonderful, magical light of the Full Moon.The next day, he let clear water into a small pot, carefully put the talisman in it, and set it out on the small garden table to bathe there in the wonderful, magical light of the Full Moon.©2020

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Chapter Eight

Summer was already around the corner. The sun shone in the sky early in the morning, its rays filling the space with strength, light, warmth. Erick loved the gently caressing rays of sunshine on his face. Waking up was easy. Dressing, brushing teeth, 5 Tibetan, breakfast, play and departure. It was 3 more weeks of school, then a summer break. The certificate will be nice, with the magic tricks Ray gave, learning went better. He won’t be excellent, but he’s happy with himself because he did everything he could.

On the way to school, he thought about visiting Ray a long time ago and that he would definitely go to him today after school.

It was in the afternoon, Mom with David and Emily waiting there in front of the school. They went to the beach.

The rays of the Sun danced on the surface of the water, turning it into sparkling gold. They built a sand castle, played with the glowing waves, sank into the soft, lukewarm sand, and watched the dance of light and foam.

Erick slowed down his breath, feeling his arms and legs heavier. There was still endless golden water rippling in front of him. It seemed to form a Sunbeam Tunnel and at the end of that tunnel Ray appeared.

They greeted each other happily, and then Ray sat down next to Erick. Erick happily recounted his successes, was grateful to Ray, and thanked him for his teachings.

"I want to show you something else," Ray said.

In the water mirror, like on a projector, Erick appeared as he brushed his teeth in the morning.

-Do you see the little vortices, the main chakras? With 5 Tibetans, you fill these, but sometimes a little "dirt" gets into the vortex. At times like this, it’s good to clean your teeth, as well as your teeth, of course not with a toothbrush, ”Ray said with a smile.

- How can I clean them? Erick asked

- It's very simple. Take a few deep breaths while brushing your teeth. Looking in the mirror, imagine the little vortices one by one. Then see how a beam of light I came here washes at, illuminates the first vortex. When the first vortex glows red, the beam passes through the first chakra to the second chakra. It also scans and cleans it, it shines orange-yellow. The pine beam goes to the next one until it gets all the way to the top of your head. Then imagine this golden, radiant light scattering from your chakras throughout your body and then surrounding it like a protective sheath. Ray finished

- Thanks, I'll definitely try it tomorrow morning. What color are the other chakras?

"It's easy to remember, just think of the rainbow." You're going home now, ”Ray said, hugging Erick and disappearing into the Sunlight.

Erick noticed Mom's voice. He looked at his watch, he thought it was too late since he had spent so much time with Ray. The clock, on the other hand, showed that it had only been 5 minutes since he had sat in the sand.

They headed home. They walked quietly, even his brothers. Erick, meanwhile, wondered what it would be like to clean his chakras now, while walking ... He took a few deep breaths, saw the lower little vortex as the glowing Sunbeam passed through .... and stepped, holding Emily and David's hand.

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Chapter Nine

Summer came with hot days. Children and parents waited together for the start of the holiday so they could spend as much time outdoors as possible.

They planned summer programs and went to the beach a lot.

Mom always said to bring only a sand shovel and bucket, but their current favorite toys were important to them, even if they weren’t out on the beach.

The afternoon passed quickly. They built a sand castle, played ball, swam in the sea. They were getting ready to go to bed by evening, when Erick started looking for his watch, but he couldn't find it anywhere. He remembered putting it on the blanket on the beach, but then forgot about it. She asked her mom she saw this, but she didn't know where she was either. So Erick went to bed anxiously and sadly because he thought he had lost his watch.

Maybe those feelings took him to Ray in his dream. In the bright sunlight, Ray greeted him on the golden sands of a magically blue water. The rays of the Sun danced on the gentle waves and warmed the sparkling sand. They sat there in the soft sand, in front of them the endless blue endless ocean floating in the light.

"Nice to see you, Erick," Ray said

"I'm happy to be here, I didn't plan to visit." Erick replied

"You may not have thought of it with your mind, but your heart, your soul, has brought it here because he knew you could get the key to the solution here to find your watch."

"I really lost," Erick said sadly. "Can I really find him?" he asked hopefully

- Yes, it's not a very complicated spell, but it's not easy, you have to practice persistently. Ray said, and began to explain the details of the spell.

- What you want to find, get, realize, you just have to imagine that it is in your hand, you have already got it, yours is already. The harder part of the thing is to feel the happiness, joy, and gratitude you feel when your desire is fulfilled and be persistent you can’t know that a day, a week, or months will pass until your wish is fulfilled.

Also, draw or write down what you want. The more often you do the exercise, the closer you get to the thing you want, but only if it is the desire of your heart and soul. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get the latest plastic toy you’ve seen in the commercial, similar to having more rest on your shelf, it’s probably not your soul’s wish. It is more a will programmed by advertising. And one more thing, how do you get it fulfilled, what do you want you do not think about, trust us.

How do I do it? Erick asked excitedly

- Start by sitting comfortably in a quiet place where you don’t bother and take some deep breaths, close your eyes and breathe slowly. Then imagine holding your watch in your hand, strapping it to your wrist, looking at the time on it.

In the meantime, feel how happy you are to have your watch. Feel the gratitude that flows from your heart.

- Can I try it now?

"Of course there are no obstacles," Ray replied

Erick watched the rippling ocean of light, took deep breaths, closed his eyes. His watch was in his hand ...


Her mom's caress woke her up in the morning. The sun was already warm. After breakfast, they went ashore to see if they could find the clock. In vain they combed the shore several times the hour did not come. Erick walked home sadly, but didn't give up. Ray said be persistent. So before dinner, while his brothers were watching their favorite tale on TV, Erick went into his room, sat down at his desk, and did what Ray had taught him.

To his surprise, Erick suddenly couldn't speak, just nodded silently and stared at his watch. Meanwhile, Ray's words appeared in his thoughts "..how do you get what you want not done?

- Hi Erick! Yesterday on the beach, my sister dug this watch out of the sand. You used to wear watches like that, didn't you lose them? he asked as he handed the watch to Erick.

, trust us "He finally thanked him with a smile on his face and happily attached it to his arm.



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